Track and plot projectiles for in-class demonstration
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CBallTrackingFilterA TrackingFilter with some specifics for tracking a ball in flight
 CFrameConverterRecieves frames (as cv::Mat), processes them (ideally asynchronously) and emits them as a QImage (i.e
 CKalmanFilterPlusA cv::KalmanFilter which also supports some 'forgetful' functionality
 CKFBallTrackerContains most of the logic for live-tracking objects
 CKFPredictionObject which represents a prediction from the Kalman filter
 CLiveFitWindowThe window which manages all logic for the LiveFit application
 CPersonTrackingFilterA TrackingFilter which contains the necessary logic to find people in frames
 CProjectorDragCornerA draggable widget for managing where the projector corners lie in the video frame
 CProjectorWindowA display widget for projector coordinates on the projector
 CTrackingBallA ball which has been tracked by the software
 CTrackingFilterA wrapper around a KalmanFilter type object; additional logic can be provided through extension
 CTrackingStreamAn object which owns some sort of input video stream, manages running it (and any tracking, etc) and emits cv::Mat frames and tracked objects
 CTrackVideoWidgetDisplays a video stream and tracking data