Athena CSV ↦ WebWork .lst converter

This webpage will let you load (or paste) an UGA Athena CSV export file into the standard format for WebWork .lst import suggested at the WebWork FAQ.

All of the code is local javascript that should work in a modern browser (I've tested a new version of Chrome) and should involve no network calls beyond the initial page load. This means that this webapp should be entirely safe to use with your students' sensitive data! I however make no guarantee of this, and you are advised to either read the source yourself, or not use the service.

Please report any issues or bugs to the GitHub tracker or me at I'm no longer at UGA, so I won't personally know if there are any changes to Athena or to the WebWork setup—if you have a problem and let me know some details though, I'll happily work with you to fix everything.

Update news

(8/18/2017) Added some light guiding along with the step-to-step process by coloring buttons and scrolling the screen down as steps are completed.

(8/17/2017) Added a new preprocess step to select correct columns. It will try to automatically select the correct choices to make everything as simple as possible.

1. Upload or paste your Athena CSV data

2. Check and correct columns

Full name
UGA Email
Preferred Name

3. Copy the formatted data into WebWork